HealthSnap is a Canada-based online drugstore, which offers customers thousands of products ranging from Baby care, to Diet & Fitness supplements to Household items. The company partners with local pharmacies to make it easier for users who want to order everything from one reliable website. HealthSnap supports both pharmacy pickup and home delivery as options for its customers.


When we were approached by HealthSnap to build their mobile experience, we were amazed by the sheer number of products they offered their users. Having a large variety of choices is great but it poses a problem – which products to display first. Since we all have limited time in our lives, we tend to spend time to pick the right decision or just abandon the process (!**#.


We started work on the project together with the HealthSnap team to shape the mobile experience according to the user expectations.
Our goal was to present a consistent user experience across all screen sizes. To do this we had to experiment in different screen size breakpoints to see if there are anomalies in the adaptation.
We wanted to preserve the great functionality that recommends medical products based on symptoms. In order

In addition, we worked together with the client’s development team to integrate
Our work with the HealthSnap team results in a consistent user experience in all mediums.